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Client Success Stories

Cornell University
Efficient tracking of student’s performance information.

Black & Veatch
Public Sector
Comprehensive air monitoring program for SFPUC to mitigate this risk of Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA).

Panish Shea & Boyle LLP

The Case Management system increased back office data quality and decreased the amount of time spent on maintaining and communicating data updates

To Our Prospects

Our Custom Software Solutions helps companies make better strategic and tactical decisions faster by automating business processes and delivering an accurate, unified view of critical information across the organization. Also the most important part is anytime-anywhere access to real-time business data.

Who we are is why we win

As an ISO 9001:2000 certified IT systems integrator, Sansoft IMS has 17 years of experience providing customers with best-in-class technology solutions. Sansoft IMS is committed to earning our place as a trusted partner to our clients by providing the highest level of service, value, and advanced technology.


At the core of every service we provide is a business solution. Our information technology and business consultancy services provide our clients the tools and experience to become better organized, more productive, secure, and more profitable. For the past 17+ years we have helped hundreds of customers balance their cost-performance parameters for IT projects via sustainable, long term relationships with Sansoft IMS. Our hybrid engagement model is designed to leverage the best of US and India so that our customers are the ultimate beneficiaries. Our track record speaks to our success; having developed more than 200 customized products,  many of which are deployed in mission critical capacity in both large and small companies. We work with the same care and diligence to make each of our engagement a success, one at a time, small or large.


We provide turnkey solutions for every aspect of software Application Development. Our experience and in-depth understanding of various technologies helps us provide our clients with solutions that are required to create and deploy a software application successfully. We also use our technical and business know-how to develop applications that fits your business environment. Moreover, our consulting team also suggests any process improvements that are needed to leverage the technology as much as possible.


We provide custom development services to fulfill our clients' business needs. We help our client to remain in step with competition by continuously-improving their IT business solutions. For this reason we use appropriate software development platforms, software application development tools, as well as deploy the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices to provide the client with better value. We also help in designing and developing end-to-end web based and comprehensive business solutions using MS Access , .Net framework, etc.


Sansoft IMS is the best at a very specific service: taking data and spreadsheet models, and turning them into robust database applications. We are also the fastest at developing and delivering these powerful custom data management systems. Every Sansoft IMS project brings a client’s valuable data and unique business processes to where their value can be realized and fully leveraged. Using our consultative approach, Sansoft IMS works with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your organization to uncover improvement opportunities and provide recommendations for ways in which your organization can capitalize on these opportunities.  Our services include  Strategy, Assessments, Architectures, Project Management , Pilot Programs and more.

The Project Development Triangle :

Our methodology and discipline enables us to offer fixed prices, removing all risk of cost overruns for our clients. The experience and cost for our clients is more akin to purchasing a product than purchasing typical custom development services. We maximize the product development triangle by delivering high quality applications with rich functionality, in a fraction of the normal development time, and at an unbeatable fixed cost.This sets us apart from the rest.




Whether you are a startup, SMB, public sector or large enterprise—you are probably here because you face at least one of the following challenges:


  • Your business processes are innovative and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Your need to automate tasks will have an impact on your organization’s success. The consequences of doing nothing are unacceptable to you.
  • No commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application exists at your price point, or a COTS application may exist but the time to configure, deliver and roll out such a complex application is above your threshold.


Our Custom Development Lifecycle :

We understand that your business processes are innovative and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace and our purpose is to develop powerful, easy to use systems and processes that enable you to attain an unprecedented level of effectiveness. In order to minimize risks, manage change efficiently, and offer a quality service that meets the expectations of our customers, Sansoft IMS uses a proven methodological framework oriented to processes. Through it, we align to all participants of the project towards a common and clearly defined objective, so that its execution is performed according to deadlines and expected costs. We accompany you through the full cycle, which looks like this:


Strategic study

Define the scope of the project, as well as resources, timing and costs. We work to understand the value that you want to obtain, and help you discover new opportunities to increase it.

Design and architecture

We analyze the objective and the most appropriate strategy for the development, and discuss the solution. We carefully listen without preconceptions. We continue discussions until we create a business specification to offer creative solutions that meet or exceed your expectations. We carefully consider your business requirements and create a functional specification, which you approve.


  • Functional analysis: Definition of the objectives to be achieved, and description modular detailed requirements of the project.
  • Technology analysis: Selection of technology implementation, architecture, object diagram, logical and conceptual model of database and define processes.
  • Demo: Definition of the graphical interface line.
  • Planning: Detailed plan of the project, resource allocation and definition of deliverables.



Then we do the custom application software development, organized according to milestones and deliverables; at the end of each deliverable, facilitates the possibility of revising, and check the application, and see the progress. This process takes place through iterative cycles until we receive satisfaction conformity from customer end. We use the developer QA services of our specialized team throughout the whole custom software development process so that you get a quality system at the end.


Quality control

Once the application has been developed and tested with success, goes through a final stage of quality control prior to the acceptance of the client. Thus, completed software is delivered to the QA team for a deep internal testing.



We help you implement the system and begin using it, educate your personnel and provide you with additional support and maintenance.


Advantages of our Custom Development Includes :


When beginning a custom development project there is significant upfront investment in people, processes, tools, space and technology Sansoft IMS development removes that burden from your organization.

Sansoft IMS provides the resources with appropriate skill sets, application development process, best practices, the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) experience, development tools, and the associated technology infrastructure.  We have dedicated project spaces within our environment to co-locate the entire project team.  


  • Teams of Microsoft Certified Professionals & Microsoft MVPs who have developed mission-critical applications with companies around the world
  • Manage enterprise application development and deployment with less complexity using Sansoft IMS tools and methodologies 
  • Reduced the risk with proven Application Lifecycle Management best practices and methodologies
  • Proven track record of delivering several Custom Applications to various clients globally
  • High quality of deliverables
  • Motivated team of professionals who can learn and acquire fast
  • You get a customized solution that is ideally suited to the needs of your business.
  • We bear all the responsibility and take the project towards completion.


Sansoft IMS Application Development services accelerate the delivery of high quality business applications with fewer defects, less rework and lower cost. With broad technology skills across all major platforms and technologies, we develop software applications that cost you less to build and less to run over their lifetime.