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Family Education and Resource Center

People with Special Needs Tracking Database Application


Sansoft IMS, provider of highly affordable, data-driven business applications and services, successfully develops custom-built database application for Alameda County Mental Health Services (ACMHS) launched the Family Education and Resource Center (FERC) .





Alameda County Mental Health Services (ACMHS) launched the Family Education and Resource Center (FERC) in September 2009 to assist families and care givers working with people with special needs. The program has grown rapidly across Alameda County and assists thousands of diagnosed individuals as well as their families and care providers.


In order to maintain consistently high levels of client service, ACGSA realized that a more comprehensive data management strategy was needed.   As a government agency, ACGSA needed to make the most of every tax dollar and ensure they could capture, store, and access relevant data as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Sansoft IMS' team partnered closely with the GSA executive team to develop a strategic vision for overall data management and to identify the key performance indicators that would enable the GSA’s management team to lead the organization to achieving their goals in level of service improvement, operational efficiency, communications, and sustainability.  This initial vision lead to a multi-phased project comprised of management consulting, mentoring, and delivery of a database application and supporting systems.


Sansoft IMS' engineering team quickly turned the high-level business requirements from the GSA into a high quality, custom built data management system.  Using a variety of technologies including Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, the team developed highly customizable reporting capabilities that provide critical information on the key performance indicators required.


The new system implemented dashboards and balanced scorecards that allow ACGSA to establish service level targets, monitor ongoing metrics, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of the services they provide.


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Since 1997, Sansoft IMS has delivered nearly hundreds custom solutions with 100% success. This immeasurable practice has made us capable of eradicating risk from the business analysis, the design, and the coding. We know the critical path to success of your project because our team has traveled that same path over a thousand times. We adhere carefully to best practices and industry standards. The key to success we've learned is that regular communication and agile development are the most cost efficient.


Over the years, we have managed to build a solid team of software outsourcing professionals that come from various backgrounds and expand the creative potential of the company. The expertise that they posses embraces a wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies and databases like Visual Basic (.NET), SQL Server, SQL Azure and Microsoft Access along with reporting tools like Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, and the Microsoft Office tools Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. This, to a great extent, defines the quality and reliability of the custom software applications that we develop. Our competence and experience ensure that we deliver excellent services and products to our customers. At every stage of the development process, from conceptual design to product release, the highest quality standards are maintained. Our extensive communication facilities allow us to keep in touch with our customers 24 hours a day.



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 Dev. Environment  MS Access 2007
 Deployment  Server
 No. of Users  10
 Coordinator  Mark Rahman
 Department  FERC
 Sector  Health Services