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Application Support


Sansoft IMS application support and maintenance services have a long and reliable history with happy customers and end users. Our software support professionals have deep expertise in real time emergency remote, rapid support, and rescue of critical software applications to revive and protect the client s business continuity. With Sansoft IMS application support service you will save your time and money on your software maintenance and will be confident in your application s quality and availability.


Custom Application Support & Maintenance


With a dedicated Support & Maintenance team for Microsoft Access (All versions), Microsoft SQL Server / Express, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Visual Basic and VBA, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office. Sansoft IMS has significant and direct experience in the support and maintenance of complex applications and solutions developed. Both 3rd party, regardless of your industry or field — biosciences, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, finance, sales, engineering — and those developed by Sansoft IMS. Our application maintenance service offerings involve complete ownership of your applications by a highly optimized offshore support team of engineers and Offshore Development Center (ODC).


Our service offerings include corrective maintenance that evolves into adaptive, preventive, and enhancement activities.


  • Preventive Services - Continuous support and immediate fixes to correct dysfunctional features
  • Adaptive Services - new technology initiatives for enhanced business solutions without affecting business continuity
  • Enhancement Services - Performs root-cause analysis to identify and devise permanent fixes to critical issues at its origin


The following key areas are covered with in the range of services we provide:


  • Application Assessment and Audit (Architecture, Design, Performance)
  • Application Support: Incident Investigation, Troubleshooting, and Management
  • Application Maintenance: Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Application Enhancement: Request for Change (RFC) Implementations, Functional Uplift
  • Application Performance Monitoring, Management, and Tuning


Sansoft IMS advantage

Sansoft IMS support offers significant advantages to companies of all types and sizes, such as:


Improved business continuity:

Fast detection and fixing of technical issues negatively impacting your productivity before they disrupt your organization business vital operations.


Accelerated resolution time:

Significantly increase the speed of problem resolution.


Reduced expenses:

Decrease IT support-related costs by eliminating the expenses associated with system downtime, as well as the need for IT staff.


Our Application Maintenance and Support services are designed to help organizations increase application efficiency, reduce system downtime, drive high-performance, and extend application life. Our highly skilled engineers provide 24*7 supports that is globally integrated.


Custom Application Re-engineering


Business needs are never static. Though applications are developed as per business requirements, they do not remain unchanged for a long time. Usually, applications need to be modified / updated to meet changing business needs. Initially, small modifications to the applications are sufficient to align them with the changed business environment. Over a period of time, limitations of the platform and the technology used for the applications result in creating a gap between what the business expects and what the applications are able to deliver. This gap may be created because the platform may have become obsolete and may not be able to provide adequate features. Additionally, as the applications and the platform grow old, skills required to keep the applications up-to-date may not be easily available. Constantly transforming market requirements and the zeal to persevere in the brisk world of business has brought modern concepts such as Applications Re-engineering to the fore which  entail conversion, porting or re-writing of existing systems to a modern programming language, database or hardware platform.


Do you have applications that exhibit the following traits, basically which are  technologically  obsolete but with a high business value?


  • Poor or no support from Vendor (Unsupported environments and platforms & Niche market players, MS Access and .Net )
  • Paucity of skills ( MS Access and .Net)
  • Shares the familiar traits of a legacy application such as
  • Inflexible to change
  • High maintenance costs
  • No equivalent package available in the market(Very unique to the client s way of doing business or would require extensive customizations if a package were to be implemented)
  • No magic bullet available where the tools can  transform  the legacy code into a neatly structured code.


Join hands with Sansoft IMS to discover pioneering re-engineering services and devise a strategic roadmap to help you seal your future business objectives and initiatives. Sansoft IMS expertise in Application re-engineering addresses your business needs such as IT systems & application transformations by leveraging newer technologies. Arriving at specifically formulated application strategies through detailed understanding of your business requirements and complexity, we help you attain your business goals successfully and empower you with the advantage to rule the roost.


We bring you reliable and secure applications worked on with the best practices in the industry.


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 MS Access 97
 MS Access 2000
 MS Access XP
 MS Access 2003
 MS Access 2007
 MS Access 2010
 MS Access 2013
 Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 3.5
 Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 4.0
 Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 3.5
 Microsoft SQL Server Express
 Microsoft SQL Server


Service Offering Disciplines

Based on market demands, we have identified a set of core service offering disciplines as below:


  • IT Consulting
  • Development and Maintenance
  • Microsoft Business Solutions
  • Cloud Services
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Data Management


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