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Client Success Stories

Cornell University
Efficient tracking of student’s performance information.

Black & Veatch
Public Sector
Comprehensive air monitoring program for SFPUC to mitigate this risk of Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA).

Panish Shea & Boyle LLP

The Case Management system increased back office data quality and decreased the amount of time spent on maintaining and communicating data updates

Service Pricing Models

Custom Application Development
Data Application Support .
Cloud Migration
Cloud Hosting Fixed Price.

To Our Prospects

We are large enough to be resourceful and small enough to be flexible that makes us one of the most dynamic and adaptable IT services company. This tradition is mirrored in our commitments to our clients too. We transform their business by delivering work through greater flexibility, faster time, technical excellence, and lower cost and that too, at their doorstep. Our high performance custom solutions help our customer’s to grow their business faster, stronger, and achieve advantages against their own competition through accurate, unified view of critical information across the organization through easy access to accurate business process information.

We set your Projects Up for Success from the start

A key difference in working with Sansoft IMS is the way we take the time at the start of the engagement to set the stage for a successful outcome. As a leader in providing custom software solutions and expert consultancy, we intelligently analyze and help enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting, operational leadership, and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions allowing businesses to achieve significant return on investment. While project management, development approaches, and technologies are important, we also focus on the underlying factors that can mend or shatter a project. We spend time building common vision, commitment, and business-sensitive metrics. So while we recognize our clients’ time-sensitivity, we also ensure the proper groundwork is laid, which makes for a more confident kick-off and saves time in the long run.


Custom solutions and services from Sansoft IMS help accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs, and optimize asset utilization. Our custom solutions help you derive maximum value from IT investments and innovation-led business growth. We make your organization stronger and more competitive in the global business landscape by leveraging our domain and business expertise.

Application Support

Sansoft IMS application support and maintenance services have a long and reliable history with happy customers and end users. Our software support professionals have deep expertise in real time emergency remote, rapid supp
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MS Access Development

Sansoft IMS has been involved with custom Microsoft Access Databases since the very first version of Access came on the market. This long relationship with MS Access has allowed Sansoft IMS to become one of the leading MS
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.Net Development

Sansoft IMS uniquely positioned as Microsoft’s dominate application modernization partner, provide you with .NET software development that will assist you to remain a step ahead of your competition by continuously im
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Cloud Migration

In a world driven by varied macro and micro economic pressures, business agility and scalability are key factors for success. More and more organizations are looking to implement cloud and gain  benefits like on-deman
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