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Client Success Stories

Cornell University
Efficient tracking of student’s performance information.

Black & Veatch
Public Sector
Comprehensive air monitoring program for SFPUC to mitigate this risk of Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA).

Panish Shea & Boyle LLP

The Case Management system increased back office data quality and decreased the amount of time spent on maintaining and communicating data updates

To Our Prospects

Our Custom Software Solutions help you with an integrated and accurate view of your information and business processes, you can deploy your limited resources effectively to maximize profit potential and minimize inefficiencies.

Enhance your Efficiency with us


Facing strong competition and the aspiration to work smarter, companies often look for business applications that can be used as a tool for enhancing productivity and adding value to their products and services. Each organization has their unique approach of functioning and requirements based on their pioneering business process providing them competitive advantage in the marketplace. One of the key challenges that organizations face is that there is a lack in affective project management with software skills to develop and adhering to their exact function and processing need. The eternal dilemma facing organizations leaders is whether to build a custom business solution from scratch or mold COTS “Commercial off the shelf” application to needs of the enterprise.


One of the challenges we all face is constantly striving to accomplish more with fewer resources. A key to doing more with less is the effective use of technology. But to be effective, technology must have the right functionality – it must work the way your business works.  To overcome the situation Organizations try COTS  usually which are designed with a generalized set of features which can be used for a broad classification of customers, but not specified to your identified unique business processes, or uniquely integrated groups of processes. Or there might be an enterprise-weight package that comes with an ERP suite, ERP-type implementation and a price tag 10x what you can spend.


Sansoft IMS state-of-the-art applications development forms the backbone of our client’s business functioning and developmental modules. Our expert technical team understands our client’s specific application requirements according to your exact usage criteria and functionality, and then helps them to prepare the necessary software architecture. Our highly accomplished programmers with the innovative skill-sets develop high-end unique, experiential and intuitive software applications for businesses. These applications are then tested on various platforms and are finally implemented. Our unique developing capabilities range from industry-standard software development practices followed by rigorous testing while ensuring a detect-free delivery.


Our featured services in Custom Application Development


Our experienced team of professionals and industry experts conduct a comprehensive and a detailed research with analysis of your business need and the need of this Custom Application Development in your business space. This analysis is followed by the preparation of design specifications and the architecture of your specific application development requirement and your required software module to enhance your businesses. Our professionals then work towards the initial design concept and the client’s approval on the same. Once we receive the concept design, our programmers are set to task for the creation of the most exquisite business application for your exact business requirements and usage criteria. They program this software application with the best suited language for the project requirement. We then, deliver the most suited application to our clients made in adherence to their business sensibilities and requirement which is following by the maintenance and ongoing development of this exquisite application by the technical experts.


The Advantages of Custom Application Development


The boon of a customized software application development to suit the varied demands of your growing business and company structure are many. These customized applications designed exclusively for you not only provide an excellent platform for the positioning of your business, but also enhances the functioning of the same into many manifolds. Our unique strengths in providing with the most efficient Application Development practice that comprises of a suite of methodologies and frameworks which is combined with its vast critical domain and technical expertise’s. This framework of extraordinary technical expertise and vast experience in developing provides the best balance in terms of cost, agility, and quality. This unusual and the most enterprising combination in your Custom Application Developer ensure the building of the most exquisite and apt applications that meet business requirements.Custom Application Development ensures higher performance of your businesses and takes you on a comprehensive path to success.


Increase Flexibility and Control


Creating an application from scratch allows you to control the functionality and work-flow that makes the most sense for your specific business operations. You’ll never get the same amount of flexibility and control over work-flow when you purchase any COTS “Commercial off the shelf” program that was created based on assumptions of what would work best for your organization. Custom applications are created based on your specifications of what actually works best for your current processes and procedures. In addition, it allows for easier integration of process updates should your organization change in the future.


Improved Ability to Manage Your Entire Business


Custom developed software can often allow for better integration with the rest of your business systems. As most businesses often use multiple programs for various departments and functions, it’s important that accurate data be available to all required users. By creating a custom solution, it’s easier to create a seamless transition of data from program to program, thus creating more efficiencies and better data integrity throughout your entire organization.


Improved Employee Productivity and Improved Customer Service


By providing your employees with a solution that is designed to fit your organization’s specific work-flow and processes, they are able to focus on being more productive in their work without the redundancy or extra steps which can often be created by using an “off the shelf program”. By providing your organization with the tools to be more efficient and armed with a better access to accurate information, you’re providing your employees an improved ability to better serve your customers quickly.


“Build” and “Buy” ????


You should consider a COTS solution if:


  • It is aligned with your organization's business and technology strategy.
  • It can meet most of the core business requirements and a custom solution can accommodate unsupported core business requirements without modifying the product’s software modules.
  • It is anticipated that most of the COTS product functionality will be used in the next three to five years.
  • If IT resources with the proper skill sets are not available to the organization.

However, you may determine that a COTS solution is not the right choice for your organization if:


  • There is a lack of available COTS product support.
  • A significant portion of functionality provided by a COTS solution is not expected to be used within the next three to five years.
  • A significant portion of the core business requirements cannot be supported by a COTS solution.


Don’t forget the first, vital step

Sansoft IMS is compelled to remind organization leaders that the first step to determining the right solutions approach—understanding internal business characteristics, such as culture, long-term strategic goals, and partners—is the most critical and can’t be skipped.

The long-term potential impact on your business warrants that you make the decision based on which approach will ultimately have the most positive effect on the entire enterprise. And remember:
Business first, Technology last.


You may think that having custom built software would maybe put a dip into the pocket, but you would be surprised in how much you can save with time and money. According to the Business Review; developing a new custom built software can take up quarter of the time and about 10% of the cost of installing any COTS “Commercial off the shelf” system. The benefits of using custom software designed to fit your needs will not only justify ROI, but can dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of your business and staff.


We Develop To Your Needs and Requirements


Over the years we have managed to build a solid team of software outsourcing professionals that come from various backgrounds and expand the creative potential of the company. The expertise that they posses embraces a wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies and databases like Visual Basic (.NET), SQL Server, SQL Azure and Microsoft Access along with reporting tools like Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, and the Microsoft Office tools Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. This to a great extent defines the quality and reliability of the custom software applications that we develop. Our competence and experience ensure that we deliver excellent services and products to our customers. At every stage of the development process, from conceptual design to product release, the highest quality standards are maintained. Our extensive communication facilities allow us to keep in touch with our customers 24 hours a day.


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